2020 Vision of Canada's Oceans Dialogue


Thursday, December 5, 2013

8:00 am


8:30 am

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Paul Snelgrove

8:45 am

Healthy Oceans for Today and Tomorrow: Why Ocean Life Counts

Verna Tunnicliffe and Paul Snelgrove  

9:30 am

Looking below the Ocean Surface: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 

Isabelle Côté 

10:15 am


10:30 am

The Next Generation of Scientists on Why We Care: A Student Panel Discussion

Moderator: Anna Mextaxas , Student Panelists:   Ryan CloutierCherisse Du PreezMaeva Gauthier, Kira KrumhanslMyriam Lacharité, Heike Link and Ryan Stanley

12:45 pm


2:45 pm



3:00 pm

Findings from the Expert Assessment of Ocean Science Report

Martha Crago

3:30 pm

Gaps in Ocean Science Going Forward to 2020 - Dialogue

Phil Archambault

4:30 pm

Poster Session

7:00 pm

Collaboration and Communication - Two Keys to Our Ocean's Future

John Nightingale