The 2020 Vision of Canada’s Oceans Dialogue; a series of presentations and open exchanges (blog, podcast and twitter, #Oceans2020) among ~80 major stakeholders in Canada’s oceans to address how science can inform policy towards sustainable ocean use.

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Photo credit: ROPOS

Photo credit: ROPOS

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The Next Generation of Scientists on Why We Care: A Student Panel Discussion

by Ryan Cloutier, Cherisse Du Preez, Maeva Gauthier, Kira Krumhansl, Myriam Lacharité, Heike Link, and Ryan Stanley 

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A Network of Ocean Networks in Canada

Ocean Tracking Network by Sara Iverson

Canadian Integrated Multi-trophic Aquaculture Network by Thierry Chopin

Canadian Fisheries Research Network by Robert Stephenson

Arctic Net by Philippe Archambault

Ocean Management Research Network by Dan Lane

Canadian Aquatic Invasive Species Network by Hugh MacIsaac

Marine Environmental Observation, Predication & Response Network by Doug Wallace

Ocean Networks Canada by Ken Denman

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CHONe tools and Idea.jpg

CHONe Tools and Ideas

Marine Biodiversity by Peter Lawton

Ecosystem Function by Chris McKindsey

Population Connectivity by Pierre Pepin

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Path Forward – A Panel Discussion amongst scientists, politicians and conservationists

The Way Forward by Bettina Saier

How can Science Inform Policy? A series of questions by John Roff

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