Collaboration and Communication: Two Keys to Our Ocean’s Future


Canada is a very large country with a very modest population. As a result, the tax base available for the various government uses is also small, especially when spread across this vast land. No matter how anyone feels about the ideology of different government agencies, when it comes to ocean science, the fact remains that government cannot do it all, and that situation is getting worse. It is time for some innovation – time to find different models to expand the research, policy development and management of our oceans.

This Canada Ocean LectureCollaboration and Communication: Two Keys to Our Ocean’s Future, will argue that the two keys to getting what everyone in the ocean science sector wants - more research, the development of better management tools, and more directed policies - are working differently through collaboration, and greatly improving public understanding through new kinds of communications efforts. 

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What do you think the key to our ocean's future is?